I was watching a Thanksgiving episode of the ABC series "The Real O'Neal's" when one of the main characters made a statement about Thanksgiving that somehow stuck in my brain overnight.

"Their one of those weird families that have Thanksgiving dinner at 11:00 AM"

Why did this stick with me? Because it does seem weird to eat all that food THAT early in the day. My family and I have tried many different times of the day throughout the years, one year we sat down to eat at 11:00 AM which turned into everyone being in a coma by 2:00 pm and waking up on Black Friday. We've tried a late dinner, like 7:00 pm one year and everyone hardly ate due to us filling up on snacks while we waited.

So, the question I have for you is, what is the PERFECT time to have Thanksgiving dinner? Are you a BEFORE NOON, AT NOON, AFTERNOON, OR NIGHTTIME family? Let us know in the poll below or comment on Facebook!