Getting to work can be a full-time job all unto itself.

Staffing company Robert Half spoke with some 2,700 employed people in 27 major American cities to find out where the longest commute to and from work is.

You have to go to the nation's capital to find it. That's because it takes people slightly more than 60 minutes -- one hour! -- to get to and from work in Washington, D.C. each day. And you thought the slowest traffic in the city occurred when politicians tried to push a bill through Congress.

San Francisco was just a tick behind in second place. Every city in the top 10 was more than 50 minutes, so here's hoping residents in those areas make sure the tank is filled, they're wearing comfortable clothes and have a killer podcast ready to go.

Longest Commutes in the U.S. (in minutes)

  1. Washington, D.C. - 60.42
  2. San Francisco - 59.2
  3. Chicago - 58.5
  4. New York City - 57.92
  5. Dallas - 54.95
  6. Seattle - 54.22
  7. Boston - 53.75
  8. Los Angeles - 53.68
  9. Philadelphia - 51.86
  10. Austin, Tex. - 51.85

And even though they don't have the longest trip, people in Los Angeles certainly feel the agony of their commute. They lead the country in stress levels connected to their travels to and from work.

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