Here is a friendly reminder to watch your surroundings during the Christmas season and really, all the time.

A San Antonio 62-year-old man was robbed of $8000 after he was followed home from the bank.  As reported by KENS-TV, Erica Quintero says her dad, Jose Gillen, had just cashed the check at a Bank of America off of Broadway on Monday. He then put his cash in the glove compartment before driving home.

Someone was watching his every move. As he got home and backed into his driveway to unlock a gate, surveillance video shows a gray Buick with paper plates pull into the cul-de-sac of Gillen’s home before an individual in a red sweatshirt got out of the vehicle, climbing into Gillen’s truck before running back to the Buick shortly after.

This tactic is called 'juggling'. Juggling is when the robber will watch and follow people leaving banks or ATMs and either break into their vehicle and take the cash the driver has left behind, or taken the money by force.

Please be careful and always watch your surroundings as well as that little white envelope that you get from the bank! A Go-FundMe has been set up for Jose Gillen.

If ever there was a day to lock the car and not keep valuables inside, it's Christmas Eve!

Of all the days!

It is, however, a good day to find someone with a car full of presents who is not paying attention To better protect yourself against becoming a potential victim of these thieves, cover your purchases and lock your doors.

You can see stats on car crimes from the United States and locally for 2019 by clicking below.

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