Sometimes you see something at work that makes you think. Like a box of Bush's Chicken in the bathroom garbage. I do believe that would be a bad bathroom habit.

Is there anything worse than using the toilet then failing to wash your hands? Yes. Eating on the toilet and then forgetting to wash your hands.

Via Big Q/TSM

Now it's quite possible that someone just tossed out the box in the bathroom because they didn't want any residual chicken smell permeating their office. But, it's also possible that someone was very busy on a Friday and decided to do a little multi-tasking and decided to fill up while emptying the tank. I do believe that would be a bad bathroom habit.

Via Big Q/TSM

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader tells us of the story of Pennsylvania Railroad installing some indoor toilets in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1910. You see, the folks in Terre Haute didn't have indoor toilets at the time and the indoor poopers became quite the tourist attraction. Some wanted to drop the kids off at the indoor pool for the first time, while other just wanted to look on in amazement.

Reading on the toilet. That is considered an acceptable bathroom activity. Singing along to the radio, also very acceptable.(bonus if you can poop to beat.)

The one I hated the most was talking on the phone while on the toilet. I'm sure we've all experienced the sound of a flush while talking on the phone. Tell me you didn't feel a little grossed out at that. Well, imagine having someone eating on the phone, then hearing the flush. Ouch.

What's your most odd bathroom habit?