This winter storm did so much damage, but it has resulted in an outpouring of generosity from people not only in Texas, but from around the nation.

For example, Chris Wieland was scrolling through TikTok and seeing reports of the devastation that hit the Lone Star State. Within a few days, he used his platform to raise $7,000 and drove to Killeen to distribute supplies to Central Texans in need.

Wieland, the owner of All Around Mows & Maintenance in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, sought support from his more than 98,000 followers on TikTok after seeing videos of residents in Killeen showing the destruction left behind by the winter storm.

Wieland told MSN, "I started seeing a lot of posts of people down in Killeen that were having their ceilings fall, their houses were being flooded, I mean, no power, losing all their food. People talking about they have no drinking water and people haven't showered in days."

Wieland decided to raise as much money as possible for supplies and make the 12-hour trip to Killeen in person. In tow were supplies like food, water, and even supplies for babies.

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He posted his first video outlining his plan on Thursday, February 18. "By Friday morning, he had already raised more than $4,000. He initially planned on heading down on February 26, but raised funds more quickly than expected and headed down early.

@chriswieland2 #chriswieland2 #texas #strong #charity #unite #tennesseestrong #nonegativity ♬ original sound - Chris Wieland reports that Wieland spent his total of $7,000 on various things that were needed, ranging from milk and eggs to personal hygiene products and PVC pipes. With local police and city coordinators' help, he set up a local community center with supplies.

Besides having a strong desire to help out a struggling community, Wieland also had a connection to the military community of Killeen. He says a friend of his who suffered from PTSD after serving ended up taking his own life and is buried here. Doubtless that connection to our area inspired the decision to bring supplies here and help people in need.

Many people like Chris have stepped up to the plate to help our fellow humans out in a time of need. I tip my fedora to all of you!

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