Let's take a trip back down TV memory lane by looking back at some of our favorite TV Shows from back in the day on Throwback TV!

Growing up in the South, you pretty much got used to dealing with rednecks and confederate flags everywhere but a TV show that debuted on this day in 1979 changed America's perspective on the "Good Ol' Boys" and made living in the South look like good old fashioned fun: The Dukes Of Hazzard.

The Dukes premiered on January 26th 1979 on CBS and ran for 7 seasons and 145 episodes. The show was filled with slapstick humor but the main draw for little kids like myself that would report in front of our TV's every Friday night was we were guaranteed to see a car go airborne and the "General Lee" didn't disappoint.

I'm quite sure the Dukes wouldn't get play nowadays, but for a kid like me who only cared about seeing cars go airborne, that's all I needed.

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