So I can be heard in East Texas and Central Texas. Both parts of Texas are some what similar, a few cities make up these areas. Weather is a big part of our lives in these areas and today I recognized some interesting patterns in the weather for both parts of Texas.

I picked 5 cities in each area and compared their readings. In East Texas, I chose, Tyler, Longview, Gilmer, Whitehouse and Flint. All five cites will reach the 90s for their high today, however Tyler, Whitehouse and Flint will be mostly cloudy, while Longview will be partly cloudy and Gilmer will be sunny. In Central Texas, I chose 4 cities, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Temple and Harker Heights and their reports all call for Sunny skies.

I found this interesting because when I first called on the weather reports, the cities had different skies, some cloudy, some clear and even partly cloudy. How can that be, when all the cities are that close to each other. At any rate, as the day goes on they all seem to end up to be the same. What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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