Townsquare Media asked Melz On The MIC to work from home for 14 days. He did not (and still doesn't) have "Covid-19" he has since been allowed to return to work. The following is an account of what he did while "on the clock working from home".

So I returned to work today and while my "quarantine" has come to an end, the stories I have to tell have not even though we will wrap this series this week.

Even working from home can get to you. With all your favorite things and people around you its already hard "mentally" to put all that to the side and focus on your WORK. Transitioning into "office" mode can be pretty damn tough in my opinion.

After a while though, we all get into a rut and working from home can be no different, especially in times like these where "staying at home" is not only the safe option but the ONLY option. On my tenth day of quarantine, I decided that I had enough of this new "reality" and did something I know a bunch of yall WISH yall could do:


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