I'm so glad I attended an Historically Black College and University (THE Grambling State University) because it was an experience I won't ever forget and it helped enrich my life by learning more about our culture as well as receiving a great education that prepared me for the future.

That's why The MOSS (Making Our Society Stronger) Foundation wants to give young people in our community the chance to receive that same experience with its 2nd Annual Texas HBCU College Fair.

Courtesy of The Moss Foundation
Courtesy of The Moss Foundation

The fair happens on Saturday February 2nd from Noon until 3:00 PM on the campus of Texas A&M - Central Texas Warrior Hall 5901 located at 1001 Leadership Drive in Killeen.

This college fair will feature several HBCU representatives and recruiters showcasing what their schools have to offer and you can receive information on scholarships, ACT and SAT tests and you can get your 18 year old registered to vote. This event is FREE to attend.

For more information, visit The Moss Foundation Facebook Page or email them at makingoursocietystronger@gmail.com

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