I am truly heart broken right now. It seems that every time good people attempt to make progress, someone has to put gasoline on it. The Longview News Journal's cover story for Sunday, August 7, 2016 is "The Klan Turns 150." I have never been a part of a boycott, however it is incidents like this that cause me to think about it.

I came across this article that explains how the Klan is attempting to increase membership and even lists all of the KKK groups that are still operating in East Texas. There should be absolutely no question now why "Black Lives Matter."

The most disturbing part of this article is the first line, and it reads:

"Born in the ashes of the smoldering South after the Civil War, The Klu Klux Klan died and was reborn before losing the fight against civil rights in the 1960s."

I personally don't care who is offended by "Black History Month," "Black Music Month," "Black Lives Matter" or anything black. History is history and no one can go back in change it. So if the Longview News Journal wants to celebrate the KKK, then there should be no problem when I celebrate everything 'black'.

I think it is inappropriate for the time considering the climate of America and Longview. This is something that anyone in support of racial harmony should not be silent on in my opinion. If I did an article informing the public of the local ISSI chapters and how you go about obtaining membership I would be looked at as a terrorist, terrorist supporter and a traitor. That article is doing just that, in my opinion. The KKK stands for hate and has always. For it to make the front page of the paper in a town/city that is working hard to close the racial divide is a slap in the face of every person that has worked toward that goal.

You can read the full story for yourself here.

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