Rapper the Game has been very charitable as of late, but someone decided to ruin his good deeds by vandalizing his property. According to the Compton rhymer, someone damaged his two vehicles outside of his Los Angeles home.

On Saturday (Sept. 5), the Game shared video on his Instagram page of surveillance footage capturing a man breaking windows out of his two expensive cars: the Porsche Panamera and Chevy Camaro. "If you see this you bitch ass coward, you gonna pay!" he seethed in the caption.

The "How We Do" rapper also asked the public to help him find the culprit behind the criminal act. "If you recognize this p---- or have any info please dm me & I will do the rest," he wrote. "He drives a white Audi truck, has blondish/brown curly hair & is about 6'0 tall & skinny."

There's no word if Game have alerted the authorities over this incident. We don't blame his anger and wanting to take matters into his own hands but he should call the police.

Hopefully, the vandal gets caught by the cops before the Game gets a hold of him or else it's game over for the dude.

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