When you work in the radio business, you get offered A LOT of free food, mostly pizza and hot dogs, and every now and again, we get to taste some VERY good food. Just like #MelzTXBucketList I'm going on a mission every week to find the best damn food in the Centex!

CAH Loaded Fries

I've been to Carolina Ale House in Killeen several times before but its been a long time since I've been back. This week we decided to have dinner there and upon receiving our menus, my oldest son threw his hands up in defeat. Apparently, one of our favorite items the CAH Loaded Fries was no longer on the menu. But our waitress saved the day when she told us that they still can make it...

This dish, if you haven't had it, is indeed loaded down with cheese, sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, ranch dressing (I think, I'm not exactly a "food critic" here) and topped off with brisket. Instantly demolished when placed in front kids, and you'll dig it too! Just remember you have to ask for it!

And let me be clear, this is the "best damn thing I ate in Central Texas" THIS WEEK! I'll be out and about checking out other places, but feel free to tell us and share photos of the best damn thing you ate this week on our Facebook and Instagram page!

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