I would not be lying if I did say I was super excited to see this particular show at Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen, Texas. The always hilarious Guy Torry is on his way here to Central Texas, and I already know this is gonna be a really good show.

I watched this man perform at the Factory House in LA and he had a standing ovation. Guy Torry has been in plenty of movies in Hollywood. He made his debut as a profound actor in the very controversial movie American History X, where he helped a racist skinhead Nazi change his perspective on life.

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The movie itself is just very powerful, and even though we don’t see him in a lot of films anymore. You might remember him from "Don’t Be A Menace", "Life", or one of my favorites, Sunset Park.

Torry has made sure to keep very busy with his stand up. This gentleman is so talented that he is actually one of the original Kings of Comedy. That’s right: Torry was hosting until he made a very complicated decision to no longer be a part of the actual tour.

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Since then, he’s done a lot of writing and producing. The man is phenomenal in his craft. He’s a gifted actor and a talented comedian. You do not want to miss the show at the Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge on March 18 and March 19. The lounge is located at 4505 E. Veterans Memorial. I hope to see you there. You don’t wanna miss this show!


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