The 2020 Emmys made the COVID-19 pandemic look just a little more classy thanks to... hazmat tuxedos.

Trophy presenters at the awards show on Sunday (September 20) donned fancy hazmat suits for health and safety measures. The outfit was created by costume designer Katja Cahill and executive producer Guy Carrington. The pair worked with a hazmat manufacturer for the highest quality to "ensure the health and safety of all of our winners and the presenter by following all of the health and safety protocols — with a twist."

See a photo of the tuxedo, below.

The Emmys press release added that they would be "keeping [the ceremony] safe and classy" while they visited select winners' homes during the telecast. However, the majority of the show was virtual, with nominees tuned in via Zoom.

See viewer reactions to the apocalyptic fashion statement, below.

This year's show was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel in a near-empty auditorium. During the opening monologue, production used audience footage from years past before revealing celebrity cardboard cutouts in the audience.

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