Time definitely does fly when you're having fun! Thanks to Facebook's nifty little "On This Day" feature which we all love, I was reminded that this week last year was the week I started jamming with yall here on Kiss. I was already here doing weekends but this week was when I was moved to Mid-days and really got a chance to inject some energy and happiness into your days and the love you've shown me in return has been nothing short of amazing.

There's so many people to thank but the main people I want to thank is YOU! Every day, you call in, send Facebook messages just to talk to me and find out how I'm doing, if I could play your favorite songs, and get the hook-up for prizes. It is my honor to speak about the things that are important to YOU and hopefully, not only entertain you but inform you as well.

This is a really a dream come true for me and I'm blessed and very thankful that you "lend me your ears" every afternoon. I hope I'm making your drive home from work better and more fun after a stressful day on the job! Again, Thank YOU so very much Central Texas, you know #TheTakeover will continue!