If your spouse shows more love to the pets than they do to you, be careful.

KWTX reports that a Dallas woman is facing murder charges after killing her husband for beating their cat.

Mary Harrison told the authorities that the shooting took place during an argument. In their statement Dallas police said Harrison relayed to officers that her husband had been beating the animal.

She's being held on a $100,000 bond.

So, again. If the pets are getting more love than you are, then get the hell out of the house and find someone to love that's not mentally unbalanced.

If you really want to be disturbed, just read some of the comments below the YouTube video from WFAA. It seems there's a few people who would put a cap in a human ass over a cat. It's the "Love it!" line at the end that's really frightening.

Via WFAA on YouTube
Via WFAA on YouTube

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