August marks the end of summer in Texas, as the vast majority of school-aged children started classes over the past few weeks.

Authorities in Texas need your help in finding 40 children who were reported missing during the month of August. Their ages range from 12-17, and they went missing in all regions of the state.

Currently, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is searching for over 200 Texas children who have gone missing in 2021.

As you're looking through these photos, if you recognize one of the missing children and have any information concerning their whereabouts, you're asked to call 911 or the NCMEC's hotline of 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

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Earlier this year, John Shehan, vice president of NCMEC’s Exploited Children Division noted, "COVID-19 has presented challenges and opportunities in the fight against child sexual exploitation. In the first quarter of 2020, NCMEC became aware of predators openly discussing the pandemic as an opportunity to entice unsupervised children into producing sexually explicit material.  At the same time, we experienced an explosion in reporting to our CyberTipline from both the public and electronic service providers, all while transitioning to a telework environment."

40 Texas Kids Went Missing in August 2021

These Texas children were reported missing in August of 2021. If you've seen any of them or have any information concerning their whereabouts, call 911 or the NCMEC's hotline: 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

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