You think Atlanta has issues. Turns out there's a few airports in Texas that might cause some issues this Holiday season.

Via Pintrest/Elite

Christmas Travel blows. No getting around it. If you refuse to take my advise and simple stay home and Skype the family from the comfort of your living room, then hope you don't fly into,or out of any of these Texas Airports.

Elite Fixtures dot com put together the list of horrible holiday travel ports via government data, so you know the information is good. (Believe me).

Their results found that Houston has a bad airport. O.K. 3 bad airports. Wiliam P. Hobby is the best of the worst. But, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Dallas Love Field also make the top ten.

On the other side of the spectrum,

Via Pintrest/Elite Fixtures

Hawaii has the best holiday airport. Really? Wow! Paradise has a good airport. Hang on. Let me sit down. It's just so shocking.

Next year I'm being blackmailed into going to North Dakota for the Holidays.(Booze, Fireworks, and a digital camera is never a good combination. Just saying)

It the statistics hole up, I'll leave from one the worst, and fly into one of the best. Minneapolis. Still, it's gonna suck. And as long as you take that mindset into holiday travel, you won't get upset, because you expect The Spanish Inquisition.