Congrats to San Antonio on being named this year's most romantic city in the United States. Bet it was the Riverwalk that put it over the top. puts together the list each year. It's determined by a compilation of sales data, which makes sense since it's Amazon. They look at the purchase of romance novels and relationship books, romantic comedy movies, and a curated list of romantic music by such artists as John Legend, Adele, Drake, Brad Paisley, Ed Sheeran, and of course Barry White. The other factor is the sale of sexual wellness products.

There was one other Texas city that made the list. Round Rock came in at number 19. That of course had everything to do with Round Rock Donuts. Nothing says "love" like good donuts.

The big surprise was Las Vegas Nevada. Romantic? Really? Dirty, filthy, disgusting, and perverted I can see, but romantic?

Other interesting facts from the study show that Classic Rock Love Songs were the most popular during this fake holiday season.

It seems that Florida is the "Hot" state as four cities made the list with two of the top 5 spots. Of course, if your state's outdoor options include getting shot or eaten alive, I'd stay in and order a movie or book from Amazon as well.




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