For a lot of you, spring means break. But, if you're not careful, spring could mean swimming in poop.


Lord knows we've all jumped in a batch of water without caring. And for that we should thank beer or spirits. But as you get older, you should get smarter. Unless you're smoking the reefer. As we all know, reefer means madness.

This Spring Break, if you plan on hitting the Texas beaches, you need to check Texas Beach Watch.

Why you might ask, should you take prime time away from your usual interneting to check out some beach? Well youngen', this some beach will tell you the level of bacteria you'd be swimming in - primarily the fecal variety.

Every year we seem to hear new reports of people getting nasty and sometimes life-threatening infections due to bacteria in the water, so use this tool to your advantage so that you hopefully come back from Spring Break with a hangover at worst.