Close to half a million people were all dressed up and ready to party at home this past Saturday night as two musical icons were set to do battle but it turned out to be a disaster that left everyone disappointed.

The much anticipated "VERZUZ" Instagram live battle between iconic superproducers Teddy Riley and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, where each participant would play 20 of their biggest hits in a "battle" to see who is better, turned into a debacle on Saturday night as "technical difficulties" on Teddy Riley's end and the following frustration on both sides caused the matchup to be postponed to TONIGHT according to Swizz Beatz.

Now the way this is works is pretty simple, each producer is in their home studio and they just play 20 hits, by themselves with just the speakers and smart phones. While Babyface followed the protocol Teddy didn't. Teddy appeared on screen with an entire CONCERT PRODUCTION team which included a DJ, live drummer set, hype man, studio lights, and multiple mics.

With all that Riley couldn't get his sound right and echoes were heard causing viewers to rail against Riley in the comments before he was forced to call the match due to technical issues. Babyface, who looked clearly tired and fed up, posted the following on IG after:

Riley would later hop on Instagram to post the his explanation:

In the case of Teddy a simple "I was doing way too damn much" would have sufficed but call your folks and get ready for the battle tonight at 7:00 PM. You can watch on either Teddy's or Babyface's IG live pages.

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