Missed Temple Restaurants
There's no shortage of great restaurants in Temple these days, but I can think of at least 10 places that have closed and left a hole in my heart and a grumble in my belly.
A few of these places could easily come back any day now, but some were irreplaceable institutions...
Favorite Centex Dish?
When you work in the radio business, you get offered A LOT of free food, mostly pizza and hot dogs, and every now and again, we get to taste some VERY good food. Just like #MelzTXBucketList I'm going on a mission every week to find the best damn food in the Centex...
Hello, Laddies
New Dallas restaurant turns the tables on Hooters, Redneck Heaven, and the Tilted Kilt.
Fired Via Text
We’ve all heard those awful stories about getting dumped via text message. Well, how would you like to be fired that way, too?
JJ on Tipping
Monica Reid and I were having a conversation the other day and it made me think about the importance of tipping.  She mentioned at the new E Center in Harker Heights they now have restroom attendants and being from  Chicago this is not a new concept for me as it has been part of the f…