Classroom "Holiday"
I grew up with late night TV talk hosts like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Arsenio Hall but they never seemed to do awesome and cool stuff like today's late night hosts. With Jimmy Kimmel's pranks and Jimmy Fallon's ability to get even the most famous people to do the most random things, its safe to say we're living in a "late night renaissance".
Exorcists in Poland Want to Talk About Madonna’s Evil Ways
About 23 years after she first ticked off the Catholic Church with 'Like a Prayer,' Madonna is once more a target for religious figures. And this time, they say it's serious -- and maybe Satanic. A group of exorcists in Poland are meeting up to discuss the damage Madge has done to the moral fibers of her fans. No word on whether or not they deem Linda Blair or those priests who touch kids are evil
Oprah Still On Top
She spent the past two years in the paltry No. 2 slot, but Oprah Winfrey is back -- she's been named Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity of 2013.
Did Britney Spears Rip Off Madonna on Her New Track ‘Ooh La La’?
If you listened to Britney Spears' new track 'Ooh La La' and thought to yourself, "Where have I heard this before?," you're not alone. A YouTuber (and presumed Madonna fan) noticed the stark similarities between Brit Brit's new track and Madonna's track 'Superstar' from her 2012 album 'MDNA.'