Killeen Mall

Killeen Citizens Team Up To Protect The Mall
Across the country, in every U.S. state, there has been protests against police brutality - even here in Killeen over this past weekend -  in the wake of George Floyd's death.
In some cities, rioting has occurred, causing millions of dollars of damages.
3 Things YOU Need To Know!
Back from a very live weekend in Central Texas, we had so much fun in the streets but it's back to work Monday and we gotta keep you updated on the stories that are trending in your world today! A Central Texas story from over the weekend kicks things off:
Big Fight at Killeen Mall involving 30-45 people!
This has been happening lately all across the country where large crowds of people get in fights in malls, this time it happened at Killeen mall.
Police received a call around 6:20 about a huge fight involving adults and teenagers Saturday at Killeen Mall and that shots were fired, but that wasn'…
Join Us Thursday!
Summer's in full effect in Central Texas and we're having fun in the streets this Thursday at the grand opening of The Daniel Stark Law Firm in Killeen!
Before we go any further, allow me the opportunity to let you know all the FUN STUFF we have on deck:

The Daniel Stark Law Firm will be giving away o…