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Jamie Foxx & The Wheel of Musical Impressions
Tonight's late night battle will more than likely be surrendered to the great David Letterman as he signs off one last time on the final episode of The Late Show. But the future of late night is in great hands with the next group of talk kings including Jimmy Fallon who last night brought out the amazingly multi-talented Jamie Foxx for a little fun.
‘Annie’ Opens Today in Theaters
The updated version of 'Annie' opens in theaters everywhere and I could not be more excited! This is one of the most anticipated holiday movies and it is expected to bring back memories for the old and create new ones for the young!
Jamie Foxx Will Play Mike Tyson in a New Biopic
Mike Tyson is one of the most controversial and bizarre figures to emerge out of the sports world in the past few decades, so it's not surprising that a biopic about his life is finally being made. What is slightly surprising is the amount of talent backing the project. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx signed on to play the former boxing heavyweight champion and Terrence Winter, fresh off an Oscar nomination for writing 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' is set to pen the script.
‘Annie’ Trailer: Jamie Foxx Has a Batman Complex
While the latest 'Annie' trailer -- highlighting moments from the upcoming movie remake of the classic Broadway play -- expectedly has a lot of singing and dancing, it's more about the comedy this time around, which is full of your classic Broadway musical-style cheesiness cheekiness. Even Jamie Foxx's Daddy Warbucks knockoff spinoff Will Stacks can make a crack at The Dark Knight (a joke which you'll see brought up again).
Spider-Man 2′ Review
Most of what I know about complex science comes from comic books, so forgive me if my understanding of quantum mechanics is a little off. But, I think it can mean that particles can exist in two states simultaneously. 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' a film loaded with such half-understood notions of difficult scientific concepts, is a quantum movie. It manages to be both awful and entertaining, freque

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