Fake, But Funny
Some Central Texans have been duped by a hilarious story about a woman stuffing her face with thousands of dollars worth of food while working at Taco Bell.
If you're crazy enough to get this close to a pile of rattlesnakes and one of them gets angry and drags your camera into the pit, it belongs to them and you should just run.
Learn All Day
Do you ever buy one of those Fact-A-Day calendars and find yourself unable to resist the temptation to flip through it and read ahead? If so, you know how sad it is when you get to the end, then have to stare at the thing all year. Well, here's a clock that gives you a new fact every minute, an…
Punny Business
When we stumbled across this map marking businesses across America with witty names, we were proud to see one our sponsors!

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