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Dave Chappelle on SNL's Election Night, Louis C.K. Advice
Dave Chappelle had perhaps one of the hardest SNL gigs in recent memory, to follow the still-stunning upset of Election Night with humor. His monologue in particular set a tone for soldiering onward, for which Chappelle now offers new insight into the SNL writers’ room that week, and the advi…
Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Award: Trump Steaks With Ketchup
A few months ago, we posted a poll question and we asked you whether or not sauce belongs on steak.
According to our poll over 70 Percent of you said that NO SAUCE is your preferred method of eating steak. Which makes the news we learned over the weekend about some one you probably voted for to be Pr…
Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Award: In Defense Of Steve Harvey
I'm quite sure I'm taking an unpopular opinion here but hear me out before you condemn me. I want you to think logically and not EMOTIONALLY as I explain this to you.
Entertainer Steve Harvey was widely condemned earlier this week for taking a meeting with President Donald Trump...

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