Happy Kwanzaa!
Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration that honors our African heritage, family, community and culture and if you're unfamiliar with the celebration, you can learn more about it starting December 27th in Killeen. The annual Kwanzaa Celebration of family, community and culture will take place at The Moss Rose Community Center nightly at 7:00 PM hosted by the Songhai Bamboo Roots...
“Dunk” Melz On The MIC At The Army Birthday Celebration!
So I'm working like I always do when I received a phone call from The City of Killeen asking if I would like to be "dunked" in a dunk tank. My response: "I can't swim!". I was really joking but there's no way I could pass up on this! Come on out Friday June 10th to Downtown Killeen on Avenue D for The Army Birthday Celebration where there will be TONS of fun for the entire fami