Black History Month

Will The Real Betty Boop Please “Boop Oop A Doop”
If you didn't know Esther Jones was the real Betty Boop. The iconic cartoon character was inspired by the Black jazz singer in Harlem. Max Fleischer introduced the character in 1930 and the caricature of the jazz age flapper was the first and most famous sex symbol in animation.
Black History That Still Lives
Alice Barker is a 103 year-old lady who had an amazing dance career during the Harlem Renaissance. Dancing at clubs like the Cotton Club, Zanzibar Club and the famous Apollo dance is what she has loved since she was a baby.
10 Years Later: Keyshia Cole “The Way It Is”
We're celebrating Black Music Month here at Kiss-FM and we take a look back at a stellar debut album from Keyshia Cole called "The Way It Is" released a decade ago this week. We take a look back at this classic album which went on to sell over a million copies 2 months after i…

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