shani 40

Most of you know how much I love running right? NOT!!! That is why I am so excited about participating in the 'No Run Run' with East Texas Cornerstone this Monday and I need your support.

East Texas Cornerstone is a non-profit agency that provides programs to help transform lives and build strong community relationships. Dr. Scott Harrison is the Executive Director of East Texas Cornerstone and was instrumental in helping me put together the  "Shani Scott Cares Job Fair" for people with a few dings on their record. The agency in located on Beckham in Tyler and they go above and beyond to help reach the needs of the community and people who want to take steps to secure a better future for themselves.

Log onto my 'No Run Run' site today and donate just $13.10. That is just 50 cent per mile for the 26 miles that I am not going to run. Anything you donate is greatly appreciated!

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