Hi everybody, I'm Melz....and I'm a nail biter. You might not be able to tell because I don't bite on all my fingernails but from time to time you'll be able to see it right away. I'm constantly chastised by family and friends for my "disgusting" habit with snarky comments like "You hungry?" "Those nails are delicious aren't they?" and I happily carry on with my need to get it done.

Well, turns out that science has discovered that the source of your nail biting maybe due to your need to be a perfectionist according to Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. They conducted a study and found that nail biters "over plan and get frustrated quickly when their idle" (that's all me). But there's other research that suggest that its also a form of grooming and can bring pleasure to many of us. Check out this video from "The Verge":


So feel free to talk trash to anybody that criticizes you for biting your nails, let them know that it makes you happy and that you got it from your parents!

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