Solange announced her split from husband Alan Ferguson via an Instagram post on Friday (Nov. 1). The split was revealed just shy of the couple's fifth wedding anniversary.

Solange shared that the past two years she went through a "physical and spiritual transition and evolution."

"My body left me with no choice but to listen and be still. Within that stillness, I begin my journey in confronting my worst enemy, fear," the 33-year-old wrote. Since Solange was a teenager, she has been in the public eye, something she's learned to live with over the years. "I've lived my best and worst moments in front of the lens and gaze of the world... I've always tried to live in my truth no matter how ugly or full of love it is. I've also tried to carve out the space to protect my heart, and my life as it unfolds, evolves, and changes."

"11 years ago I met a phenomenal man who changed every existence of my life," she continued. She shared that they parted ways earlier this year and though it may not be anybody's business, she found that she had to share the news publically. "I find it necessary to protect the sacredness of my personal truth and to live in it fully just as I have before and will continue to do."

Solange and Ferguson wed in New Orleans in November of 2014 in an intimate ceremony, with her sister, Beyonce, and Jay-Z in attendance. It is unknown if the couple planned to or have already filed divorce papers.

Read her entire Instagram post, below!

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