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Steve Harvey's Daytime Talk Show Canceled
Our morning man Steve Harvey is known for being a very busy guy but his schedule is about to get a little bit lighter. But in some ways its a good thing, because it frees him up to hook YOU up with some of his KISS CASH beginning Thursday!
Whose side are you on? Steve Harvey's or Monique's?
Of course, by now we’re familiar with Monique and her relationship with Hollywood.
And when I say Hollywood I mean how she burned a bridge with Hollywood executives after her Oscar win for the movie "Precious".
Like all Hollywood actors, she was asked to do several promotional events for the…
Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Award: In Defense Of Steve Harvey
I'm quite sure I'm taking an unpopular opinion here but hear me out before you condemn me. I want you to think logically and not EMOTIONALLY as I explain this to you.
Entertainer Steve Harvey was widely condemned earlier this week for taking a meeting with President Donald Trump...