Like everyone else, my bracket was busted Sunday. Duke Sucks!

After two close calls, the bell finally rang for Duke, thanks to Michigan State. And the majority of America cursed the Blue Devils.

If the idiots weren't planning on winning at least they could've done was to lose in the first round to my North Dakota State Bison. Nope, they tiptoed around the upset bug just long enough to piss off America.

If I would've just followed the rules of my bracket, I'd still have a chance.

Rule one. If Michigan State makes it past the first game, they'll go far.

Rule two. Never pick Gonzaga to make it. The bleeding heart liberals of Washington don't have the mental discipline to step on the necks of their opponents.

I ignored both those rules and because of that, I'm out. I was told that Texas Tech was the real deal before the tournament started. I had them going up against Gonzaga in the elite 8, but do I follow my own rules? Nope. If I would've followed the rules, I'd had Michigan State and Texas Tech in the final 4. The only team I have left is Virginia. And let's be honest, only Alumni were picking Auburn to make it.

So now I have to live the shame of finishing 452 in my companies tournament.

Back in the day, I did pick NC State to win it all, and they did. Of course, I was too young to wager any money that year. But since then I think of myself as a college basketball expert. And each year I get smacked down a week before the damn tournament is finished. Maybe I should start watching a few games during the year. Nah!

ATM Overload Winner
ATM Overload Winner


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