Killeen, Texas most certainly needs to be on the lookout for Shariff Bishop. This comedian is originally from Philadelphia and goes by South Philly Reef, but has been killing the comedy game since the moment he touched down in Texas.

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Shariff Bishop
Courtesy of Shariff Bishop


Even though he's not a Central Texas native, people have really taken a liking to his hilarious comedy standup shows and just overall good vibe and personality.

Shariff Bishop has already broken some barriers by starring in Netflix specials and sold-out shows, and he has become the go-to guy for hosting any event in Central Texas.

What I really like about Shariff as a person is that he is all about enjoying the moment while mastering his craft. He doesn’t rush, nor does he step on others to get where he needs to be.

Shariff Bishop
Courtesy of Shariff Bishop


Back in March I highlighted a few comedians who are setting the stages on fire in Killeen, and Shariff was right there among them.

This talented gentleman is the next guy up when it comes to comedy, but it's not just comedy that got Bishop the acceptance of Central Texas - it was his dedication to being a part of the community and his enthusiastic participation in local events.

I have personally worked with him and I cannot stress how much fun and how comfortable Shariff can make you feel on stage. He is the guy when it comes to opening for the big acts that come to Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen, and works with the crowd perfectly.

Now he's embarking on some new, career-changing adventures.


Courtesy of Shariff Bishop
Courtesy of Shariff Bishop


There is an old saying that goes, "You have to watch how you talk to people because you might be right in front of a potential millionaire". (What, you've never heard that one?)

The way Shariff Bishop's career is going, I’m almost certain that saying was talking about him.

Shariff's talents have put him on the radar outside of Central Texas. He has bookings from the likes of Phoenix, Arizona, Charlotte, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, plus he’s headed to California soon. Not necessarily Hollywood yet, but it’s definitely on the way.

On behalf of all of Central Texas, thank you Shariff Bishop for keeping us laughing!

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