This past Wednesday I had my first Kanye West experience and oh what an experience it was. I have always heard that Kanye puts on one heck of a show, so I made it my business to get to Austin to see him and this floating stage I'd heard about, but I didn't know that "THE MIKE DEAN" would be in the house.

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Who is Mike Dean you say? Just the hottest producer/engineer in the whole freakin' world. He produced all of Kanye's records, pioneered the Dirty South sound in the 90's, all over Rap-A-Lots roster, worked with 2 Pac do I need to go on? Wednesday night he engineered and played keys for Kanye at the Saint Pablo tour in Austin, Texas.

He is noted as "Hip Hops biggest stoner", and what's funny about that is there was a strong smell of funny cigarettes in the air and he was sippin' on that cup while playing the keyboard the whole show. I was sitting right next to the set up and watched him do this while at the same time saying, "where do I know this cat from?"

Finally, Kanye announces that it's Mike Dean and me and Melz are just like "holly crap!", well, we really said something else. At any rate, you know I love the photo op, so after the show I went up to him and asked if he would take a selfie with me. He took a moment and looked around at the crowd that was coming towards us fast as said, "Yeah, but make it quick'. Well I made it so quick that only Melz and I are in the pic. Well, you can see side of Mike's face...just a little...but we were there and he was too!

mike dean

Kanye's show was awesome, might I add. If you ever get a chance to catch him, you should!


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