Selena Gomez's mom was completely shocked when news broke that the 'Come & Get It' singer had fired her and her husband, Gomez's stepdad Brian Teefey, as managers.

According to TMZ, who claims to have spoken to Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, she said that she and her husband "thought last month's conversation [about going with new management] was just talk," and learned the news that Gomez fired her and her husband just as soon as the rest of the world did. In fact, it wasn't until the Teefeys sat down with Gomez after the story broke did they realize that she was serious and asked "if she was absolutely sure she wanted to move in a different direction." And according to TMZ, Gomez said yes.

Gomez's parents have managed their daughter since she first starred on 'Wizards of Waverly Place.' But she reportedly fired them as her managers because she has outgrown them and instead wants bigger management, which is a totally reasonable request. After all, Gomez is 21 and it makes sense that she would want to grow her career in terms of management -- while also gaining independence from her parents.

Still, the actress and singer has seemed to defy her family's wishes more than once recently, particularly in regards to her on-again relationship with Justin BIeber.

But despite her initial reaction, Teefey says that she supports her daughter's decision and is still planning to produce several movies with Gomez, including the upcoming film 'The Sky Is Everywhere.'

PopCrushers and Selenators, what do you think of Selena Gomez's professional split from her parents?

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