I’m kinda hating a little.

Actually, I’m hating a lot.

Why can’t this kind of stuff happen to me?

I guess I will offer congratulations, but just know it won’t be sincere!

Shout out to whoever won the $1 million Texas lottery ticket at the CEFCO at 3905 clear creek. That person, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is now $1 million dollars richer!

According to KWTX, the prize was the seventh of the eight $1 million prizes that were claimed

Doesn’t this make you just want to go buy a gang of scratch-offs? The Texas Lottery reports that the winning ticket was a $200 Million Cash Explosion, in case you were wondering.

Whoever you are, show your face now! (Kidding.)

If I won a Milly, I would show up to work the next day like....

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