Modesty is not a concept Rihanna is familiar with, nor is it a trait she displays in her style, her Instagram photos or her magazine covers, for that matter.

Her fans and the Rihanna Navy benefit from her innate sexiness, since they can gawk at her rad body and flair for exhibitionism. No one will complain about RiRi when she dares to bare.

Case in point: Her new Vogue Brasil cover, where she flashes sideboob and sidebum. (In case you want a refresher, there's lots of sidebum here!)

RiRi looks devastatingly sexy -- not a new concept, of course -- in an olive green and sparkly golden dress that dips low on the chest and cuts high on her thigh. It's pretty much a loose swath of fabric designed to cover her lady parts.

The singer piled the gold bangles high on her wrists and clasped cuffs on to her forearms, giving her a blinged out, Brazilian goddess look. Note her sexy stare, which is also par for the course for her covers and photos.

Rihanna pretty much oozes sex.

Everything is hotter in Brazil -- the temperatures, the models and the magazine covers. Rihanna is proof of that fact.

Her reported paramour Drake must be drooling and her ex Chris Brown has to be kicking himself for ever letting her go.

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