Flying can be tiring, no matter how short the flight or how glamorous a private jet you have. Maybe that explains why Rihanna wasn't feeling too happy after her flight from Detroit to NYC and why she took out her sour mood on a nearby fan.

The Barbadian singer had just touched down at JFK International Airport and was walking from her flight to her waiting car when a fan approached her wanting a photograph. "Give me a minute, alright? Jesus Christ," she snapped. In the video, RiRi's fan looks surprised before he backs up out of her space, giving her room to walk off.

Hopefully the fan doesn't take it too personally -- it seems the 'Diamonds' star was just in a bad mood. She also became short with her bodyguard when she realized her car wasn't ready for her, according to the video.

Check out the vid above to see Rihanna's verbal dismissal.

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