Porsha Williams was arrested in Atlanta ... I sigh!!! So here is the skinny. She was stopped by police for doing 78 in a 55 mph zone and then when they ran her license, it was suspended!

I feel like Kermit right now, because I really can't take anymore of Porsha Williams. She did release a statement saying:

"I was headed to visit my grandfather who is very ill with cancer in the hospital, and I was pulled over. I was wrong for speeding absolutely and apologized for putting anyone at risk. I tried to explain the situation to the officer and show him that all my paperwork was in order, but he refused. Handcuffs are not comfortable or a good look for anyone. I was released. I have my license, my car and my freedom."

Porsha was released on a $1,726 bond and it is unclear why her license was suspended, but she needs to take care of business fast!