The family of R. Kelly's alleged victim, Joycelyn Savage, has been cooperating with the FBI.

According to a TMZ report published today (Jan. 25), a special agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted Joycelyn's father, Timothy Savage, at least five times within the past year and a half. Their most recent communication occurred right before the docuseries aired on Jan. 3, which disgusted fans and the hip-hop community alike.

Savage reportedly told the FBI of Kelly and Joycelyn's locations from the beginning of their relationship to their travels across multiple states in the U.S. The Savage family has also provided the FBI with text messages and emails from their daughter during her time with the embattled singer. TMZ's sources claim the information Savage provided to the FBI matches the accounts he and his wife made on the docuseries.

There's no confirmation whether the FBI has launched an official investigation into the Chicago native, however the agency hasn't denied the claims either. Since Kelly is under a criminal investigation in Georgia along with his past and current employees, it's safe to say the allegations of sexual, physical and mental abuse are on the FBI's radar.

Joycelyn's parents believe Kelly is holding their daughter against her will. Although the alleged victim has publicly denied the accusations, Kelly was also accused of trying to silence other victims after new allegations of sexual misconduct against him surfaced.

However, it seems like the FBI has been involved with their case even before Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries saw the light of day.

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