Barack Obama is going to need to order some new business cards. New job title: President and Rapper.

The President proved his rhyming skills in a clever lip dub of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy,’ in a new YouTube video by a user dedicated to creating Obama dubs. Through a mash-up of cleverly cut clips from his many speeches and TV appearances, the politician knocks out a few verses of the Australian rapper’s hit single that sound so good it makes us wish he’d release a cover for real.

We’re not holding our breath that Obama will seriously consider a rapping career, so in the meantime can we all team up to try to figure out which words he’s actually saying and which are sound bites spliced together to form lyrics? (For example, no bets placed on whether he actually curses 15 seconds in.)

Check out President Obama’s sort-of cover of ‘Fancy’ above!

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