Police Departments nationwide are not happy with a new Google Maps feature. A new navigation tool allows drivers to share where speed traps are located via Google Maps. To report an incident, users can tap on the + sign and then click "Add a report."

The feature isn’t brand new. It has been a popular feature on Android devices, but it is now also available with iOS due to an app update.


The feature is just one of several included in Google Maps. Drivers can also flag lane closures, construction and so on. Police organizations are fine with those features, but they say the ability to report police locations may work in the favor of those trying to avoid DWI checkpoints and those who put the pedal to the metal.

According to ABC13, The National Sheriffs' Association believes the feature puts officers at risk by letting criminals or terrorists know where they are on a map. Google says the reporting option is beneficial to public safety.

People these days have it too easy. They don’t have to worry about flashing their headlights at oncoming traffic to give them a heads up on the officer you just passed, up the road. They don’t have to watch the brake lights of the vehicles up ahead to know if there is an officer running radar. They don’t have to watch those on ramps for an officer lying in wait for an unsuspecting speeder.

Mind you, I’ve never done these things. Just something I’ve heard…..

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