Let me begin by saying yes, I am totally ripping off a tweet that's going nuts all over the internet.

The game is that simple: You pick a movie you love and replace all but one member of the cast with Muppets.

My friends and I had a lot of fun discussing and debating this over the weekend. I thought Mad Max: Fury Road would be amazing if you replaced everyone except Max (Tom Hardy) with Muppets. It would really drive home his lines about not knowing whether he or the world is more crazy.

However, one of my friends had a good point. She thought that was kinda heavy fare for the Muppets, and thought something more fun like Star Wars or Avengers would be more appropriate for the game.

Another friend wanted to see some classic slasher movies replace all but the slasher with Muppets, which I'm sorry just sounds absolutely hilarious to me. Can you imagine Kermit and crew facing Freddy Kreuger or Michael Myers?

So, how about it? What movie would you pick, and who would be the lone human actor? Let us know in the comments!

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