When either Pharrell or Usher debut a new song, the end product is usually a hit and a gift for loyal fans. But it's an even bigger plus to witness just how they crafted the work of art in the first place. And now you can, thanks to an Instagram post.

The brief clip, posted by Pharrell, showcases the pair working on Usher's track 'She Came to Give It to You' featuring Nicki Minaj. The singer croons a few lines into the mic, presumably practicing what he'll do in the booth.

"The music always feels like magic when I get in the studio with @howuseeit. #SheCameToGiveItToYou," Pharrell wrote as the caption to the video.

From there, you can see Pharrell work out a melody on a keyboard. It's apparent Skateboard P can come up with catchy riffs quite easily. He also grabs the microphone and sings "dance, dance" a couple of times in his signature falsetto.

The visual ends with Usher explaining how easy it is for him and Pharrell to create together. "We've been doing this s---. This ain't nothing new," he says

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