It looks like Arby's will have to wait to get their hat back from Pharrell because the overly publicized accessory will be on display at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., starting this week.

The Vivienne Westwood-design (which looks very similar to the Arby's logo) will be loaned to the museum, which showcases all things news, media and journalism. The hat will be displayed in its New York Times Great Hall of News. And to add more hype to the exhibit, Arby's made the announcement by posting a humorous Vine video.

So how did this gigantic cowboy hat get to be part of all of this glory? Well, when Pharrell debuted it on the Grammy red carpet earlier this year, Arby's made the comparison on Twitter that the hat looked awfully similar to their very own logo, which garnered over 80,000 retweets. The hat even inspired a Twitter handle, @PharrellsHat, in its honor. Then after the singer-producer wore it in the video for his worldwide hit, 'Happy,' he put it up for auction on eBay and raised $44,100 for his charity, From One Hand to Another Foundation.

So there's no doubt that this hat is more than an accessory -- it's clearly newsworthy. You can see the hat on display starting Aug. 22 until Oct. 26 -- likely the time when Arby's wants it back.

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