I am sadden, angry, disgusted and disillusioned because of the terrible tragedy on Wednesday at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church the symbol for the black community for hundreds of years.

Where this 21 year old white racist walks in and who was welcomed into the Bible study by the very people that he eventually viciously murdered. Where he watches for more than an hour then gets up and spews hate and opens fire in a place where you go to seek solace, a church, a place that is by definition "the Lords house."

Let me drop some knowledge about the black people who live in Charleston S.C. The very roads that they drive everyday of their lives are named after Confederate Generals. Who fought against black people to be free much less drive on those very roads. That's insane right? The Confederate flag still flies over S.C. The symbol of a time where half the country was at war because of slavery. Again, it's crazy. Can you imagine living in place that that? It's like Racial wallpaper is everywhere and now this.

Yet there's Fox News and Conservatives radio spewing the propaganda. "Racism doesn't anymore, since we elected a black man for President." or "You people are despicable for alway using the race card." or Here we go with the race baiting." or "The playing field is a level field now and Minorities need to stop complaining."

"Pay Attention! There's a racial wound in America that will not heal, yet they pretend that racism doesn't exist. To change anything you have to acknowledge that racism is alive and well.

Excuse the pun "It's Black and White And  Wrong is Wrong!"

Even in the mitts of these nine murders. Fox News still could not help themselves but to disparage President Obama about his White House statement that is enclose.

That Obama's speech was too political and he and Hillary should be ashamed for using this atrocity to promote their Liberal agenda on taking peoples guns away.

I know and feel confident, that by at least acknowledging it, by seeing it for what it is. We as Americans will not do anything about it or demand change.

Nothing will be accomplished. That really blows my mind.

It also blows my mind what our response as a nation on this horrific tragedy.

For instance if this racist was Muslim and or from the middle east or even from Mexico. Our quick response would be, Let's invade and kill them. We have already invaded two countries to so called protect the US citizens, we already went to war with two countries, spent trillions, and loss thousands of american lives, we tortured people, we do what we have to do to keep Americans safe from Terrorist, but only if they are foreign Terrorist.

We can't be in the streets, cars, our home, parks, pools and now we can't even be safe in a church.