Nipsey Hussle's business partner David A. Gross makes some big claims against the Los Angeles City Attorney.

On Sunday (Aug. 4), Gross claimed that the Los Angeles City Attorney had been trying to get him to evict Nipsey's store, The Marathon Clothing Store, from the plaza on Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard before Nipsey's untimely death. In a lengthy Instagram post, Gross described his purported battle with the city by posting a letter that was reportedly sent from Deputy City Attorney Nancy Hagan.

"The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office was trying to end us," Gross said in his Instagram caption. "Literally. They wanted to expel The Marathon Store from Slauson Plaza. No doubt, if Nipsey was alive they’d still be stalking it, after doggedly pursuing him, his brother, his team and his businesses for damn near a decade. To no avail. Again, their story to tell when appropriate. But When i partnered with them to buy the lot, I got to experience the way these systems work together first hand. The City Attorney hated (with ALL their hearts )that their maniacal zeal to expel the Marathon Store from Slauson Plaza actually resulted in us buying it and planning to develop it. It was embarrassing and a slap in the face when they started trying press me to evict the store - only to find out that I’m partners with Nip, Sam and All$in."

As if his issues with the city Attorney's Office weren't enough, Gross continues by claiming that city documents were reportedly leaked to The New York Times in an effort to smear the names of himself, Nipsey and their business partners. If you recall, The Times previously ran a story indicating that the police were investigating the rapper and the lot, though the LAPD eventually claimed they were never specifically investigating Nipsey.

Gross also asserts multiple deals he had in play have fallen through because of the city's alleged smear campaign. He also said they enlisted the services of the Los Angeles Police Department.

"So the City Attorney then came at me," continued Gross, who recently offered details on the plan to build a tower in Nipsey's name. "And then sent the cops at me. And ultimately tried to leverage the press against me by leaking docs and emails to the NYtimes to smear us, and make our ownership of the lot seem like the problem in the Crenshaw District. That caused real problems for me that I still can’t fully address it because it’s ongoing. It hurt live deals and brought some to a complete halt."

Check out Gross' full statement below. XXL has reached out to the Los Angeles City Attorney for comment.

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