Jershika Maple is the second talented woman to put Killeen, Texas on the radar of NBC's 'The Voice', and now the City is honoring her with a holiday.

We have been giving Jershika Maple her flowers since the very beginning of her journey on the hit singing competition show. Central Texas watched every week as this amazing songbird executed the competition. Even though I still feel like she was robbed, she did a fantastic job representing Killeen and made us all so proud.

January 18 is no longer just a normal day: Jershika Maple now has her own holiday, and to be honest I believe that she is totally deserving.


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Courtesy of Youtube, The Voice
Courtesy of Youtube, The Voice


This woman is so humble and an amazing artist. I personally want to say to Miss Maple, I am a very huge fan of you and I cannot wait to see what you have next for us.

I know your family is probably extremely proud of all of your accomplishments. I can say for sure that Central Texas will always support you in any of your endeavors. This just goes to show anyone who has a dream should go out follow it. This young lady cannot possibly know the impact that she has put on the young ladies and young men of Central Texas.

You don't have to be from a big city on the East or West Coast to show the world your talent and passion. You can be from right here in Killeen, Texas and light up the world.

The voice, Youtube
The voice, Youtube


My niece and I watch Miss Maple every week, and I remember her looking at me and saying, "Auntie, she’s from Killeen just like us". I replied, "that’s correct", and her amazement of her being a Killeen native was all the confirmation she needed to know that even someone from a relatively small town like Killeen can make it big.

Thank you to Jershika for continuing to inspire not only the youth, but all of Central Texas!

Let's have a look back of all of the wonderful wardrobe selection for Jershika Maple

Jershika style through the whole show could not be touched!

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